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Imuran how long?

Does anybody know how long Imuran can be taken? I have been taking it now for more than 4 years. In the first year I took it at 150 mg and was feeling great, but then it caused me liver toxicity and my dose was dropped to 50 mg. Since that time i had 2 major flares treated with Prednisone, so I don't think the Imuran is doing anything.

I told my GI that it seems to be doing nothing, but he said it's better to stay on it along with Pentasa and he doesn't recommend stopping it although the low dose of 50 mg doesn't seem to be doing anything!!!!

He said if I want to stop it, I should go on another immunosuppressive like Remicade, which I'm trying to stay away from as much as I can...So for now I treat my flares as much as possible with Cipro and Flagyl.

Does anybody know if there is a time limit on when we should stop the Imuran? I read somewhere 5 years, but I'm not sure if this correct :confused2: I am very afraid of it's long term side effects.......
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It is still used long-term by some transplant patients as a low-cost option to the other expensive immunosuppressive agents.
ive bee on it for about 6 months and to be honest i feel the same as you, it doesn't seem to be doing me any good and it just seems pointless taking it. im also worried about its side effects but im almost scared to go off it incase i start feeling rough again (by the way im currently in remision due to remicade).


I just started taking Imuran as per my GI, been on it 3 weeks now. It's supposed to help the Remicade, but I just don't see it doing anything either. I still have D, and have not completely stopped bleeding.