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Imuran or 6mp?

My son has to decide which one to add to his Remicade and after reading so many posts here, neither sounds like a good idea! I think I am more nervous about this choice than his Remicade/Humira one. We have to let the doctor know tomorrow and I would love your input. Thanks so much.
Actually, ive been on Imuran before i started remicade infusions. I stopped the Imuran because my doc said its a very dangerous combination and should not be used together.
I guess the same is about 6MP.
His doctor referred us to the Sonic trial which showed there isn't an increase in adverse effects with combination therapy. Now I am more worried! I will talk to her further about my concerns before she prescribes it then. I know his ASCA levels are very high and she is concerned about him being at a severe level. He will have his second remicade infusion this week and we will talk to her about it. Thank you so much.
Not sure about Remicade but 6mp and Humira are a powerful combo,Humira and Remi are similar there both in that MAB family,the combo treatments are becoming more common and effective.Good lock with your decision.

resection July 2010
currently on 50mg of 6mp for maintenance.
When i started remicade I was told that it was not good to be on that and imuran. My Dr has since said they have chnaged that and it is fine now. I am about to start 6mp with my remicade.
Good Luck!
Thanks Becky. I feel so much less stress over this decision since I help him make the choices. Infusion number 2 is tomorrow and he will tell her to go ahead and start the Imuran.