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Imuran & pregnancy

I've been on Imuran (150mg) since 1996 and I'm totally healthy. I've been in complete remission since 2002. My husband and I are talking about having a baby, but I'm not sure about being pregnant and taking the drugs.

I've done a fair bit of research on line and there are 2 schools of thought. 1. Stay on it, it won't affect the baby. 2. Stop taking it, it might affect the baby.

My GI said to just stay on it, but actual people from the drug company don't recommend it.

Does anyone have any practical experience?

I appreciate your input!



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It is Pregnancy risk category D. Here are the definitions...

I know how gut wrenching this decision is. I would recommend discussing it with your OB/GYN...Sometimes the medications do the most harm in the first trimester...other things like alcohol cause the most damage in later trimesters...

Sometimes you can make it through most of the pregnancy with no problems, if you were to discontinue the imuran. Maybe, they can switch you to something less toxic???? I was not wanting to be on any meds during my second pregnancy. Although I wasn't on Imuran, I still had concerns. Good luck.
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Don't have practical experience - just wanted to wish you luck with the decision. I'm sure it is a hard one to make.
Hard decision! I haven't had to deal with this as it's getting too late for me to have babies now! But, I do remember reading something about it not being recommended during pregnancy. I hope you have success with having a wonderful pregnancy and happy and healthy little one :)
I have a paper form the royal society of gastoenterology & obstetricians that says it's safe. If you'd like a copy of this document I'd be happy to email it to you. Let me know.


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Violet, it would be wonderful if you could somehow attach it to this thread, in case another person has the same issue.
I was not on imuran but I was on remicade while pregnant. I also had to go on entocort for 10 wks because of a flare. My GI said it was important to keep me healthy and that would help keep baby healthy.
i am on the drug myself and my son was concieved and born on it and he is 100% fine and weight 8lb 12oz at birth! i had a normal delivery and he was just perfect x