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Imuran skin rashes and bruising

I’ve been on 200 mg of azathioprine since July. I can’t tell if it’s working yet because I can now go several days in a row without having symptoms but then have four or five bad days where the pain makes me want to curl up and cry.
This is my third try at a therapy regimen. Budesonide and Pentasa didn’t work. I did a month and a half prednisone taper (40mg to 5 mg) when starting Imuran.

I woke up this morning with a weird skin rash on my upper back. Yesterday when I got out of the shower, my husband noticed a baseball sized bruise plus a smaller one next to it on my upper middle back. I absolutely do not remember bumping into anything in that location. He pressed on it and the area was really tender and sore. He noticed the rash this morning. He said it looks like it may have a yellow tint to the bumps. A few nights ago, I started itching out of the blue. There was no rash and no bumps. Just intense itching that occurred all over. The itching went away after a few hours and I didn’t notice it yesterday.

So to recap, itching then the bruises appeared then the bumps/rash.

Could this be from azathioprine after being on it almost three months with none of these symptoms before?

I’m going to call my doctor later today. I’m traveling for work and I’m about 2000 miles from home and won’t be home until late October.

Thanks for any advice.
Doctor told me to talk Claritin for a few days to see if rash heals. Doesn’t think it’s from Imuran since I’ve been on it almost three months with no other reactions.

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Can you see a dermatologist?
Crohns can cause lots of rashes
Some are better known than others
Ds has Sweets Syndrome
Its a rash that can present many ways in appearance but is associated with Crohns and arthritis
Ds has both
Did you get a diagnosis? I developed rashes on my thighs with azathioprine - 2 years after stopping it I still have them - yet to get an explanation - they're so worried that there's a blame waiting to be apportioned I suppose.