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Imuran with antifungal medication

I have a pretty persistent toenail fungus that won’t go away with just creams. I went to a local doctor, and he said he’d normally prescribe oral antifungals at this point, but he was worried about the possibility that the antifungals would react badly with the imuran. I asked my GI about it, and he said there was no reason for that to happen, but to be careful anyway.

The toenail thing is just a bit nasty to look at, and doesn’t cause any pain. Imuran’s kept me in full remission for four years, so I’m worried about doing something that might have a chance of messing with it. Does anyone have experience of mixing antifungals with Imuran, or heard of anyone else who has?
My podiatrist is hesitant right now to prescribe anything for the fungus on my toenails because of the medicine i take for Crohn's disease
i was on a systemic anti-fungal briefly and I felt it really helped the Crohn's. I'm just on Stelara though. The drugs were itraconazole and voriconazole. They gave me elevated liver enzymes, however, and had to be discontinued.