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In a panic

Hi all. As some of you know I was quite convinced that I had a bladder fistula. They did they mri and the good news was no bladder involvement the bad news was the gi wanted me to take the mri disks to the surgeon for his comments. Turns out that they did the wrong kind of mri to check for a fistula to the bladder however the one they did showed another flipping abscess (very small) and a very long sinus track running up along my back bone.

Surgeon says it is too small but to deal with eua - he would not find it but it is a clear indication that things are just getting worse down there. :( If we wait it will be fistula 4 with 3 setons dangling out of me. There seems to be some concern about proximity of the tract to my spine.

They are sending me for a different scan then will decide if it is worth it to try a different med or go straight to the colostomy. Due to a severe anal stricture the surgeon says it is unlikely he could hook it back up again in the future.

logically I know the bag would fix these endless fistula issues but it is still so upsetting. Just looking for someone who understands to say it will be ok. Gotta be strong where the kids can see me but I can be honest here.
I had fistulas before and had surgery to fix things up. I did have the option to try clear it up with antibiotics. The doctors were not real hopeful that would work, but I also was septic from infection and close to bedridden at that time.

Maybe antibiotics could be used in your case? Worth asking anyway.

Nice to see another Minnesotan.



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I'm sorry you're going through this. I know how frustrating and painful the can be.

I eventually needed an ostomy. It worked great for me.

Sending you my support.
thanks guys. The real issue isnt this latest one as much as it progressively getting worse. I have seen people talk about having so many fistulas they call it sprinkler bottom or something like that.