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In desperate need

Hello!!! I’m 54 year’s older, was diagnosed with Chronic”s at 37. Had 2 surgeries in 12 years apart. But in the last 2 yrs I have a huge problem, My Chron’s went down to my tosh, I go to restroom 8-12 times a day. Need advice desperately.


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New York, USA
Welcome to the forum - sorry to hear you are having problems. First thing, have you been in contact with your doctor, if so, what type of medication regime are you on for your symptoms?
I am sorry to hear about your situation. I was there at one point as well. Can't really tell you what helped in my case as the flare just went away by itself. What is the doctor recommending?

Lady Organic

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Hi, I am sorry for your issues. Going 8 to 12 x /day is important relapse, do not let this expand or cause possible further damage. Contact your GI asap or if you dont have any, go to the ER.