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In poor shape, MAJORLY frustrated

On mon. I went to the ER after vomiting bile to go along with grey stools and the off and on bloody diarrhea/bloody mucous, dizziness, plus that 'burning' feeling in the tummy. They took basic bloodwork - normal. Took x-rays - liver and gallbladder normal, no kidney stones. That left the ER doc clueless about the cause of vomiting/grey stools.
She was completely convinced I had hemorroids, but after a rectal exam, said she didn't see or feel any, and thought she felt a small fissure deep back.
She proceeded to ask if I had any rashes - I said yes, I have a mysterious one. She asked if I had psoriasis - I said yes, that has been flaring on me. She asked if I had joint pain - I said yes, I am always achy especially in the low back. (when I was released the next day I asked why she was asking about these, she said because they are related to a Crohn's flare).

I was scheduled for an emergency colonoscopy and gastroscopy on friday. Thankfully I was given plenty of sedation (and before they procedures, I asked the doctor to be sure to give me more before the colonoscopy so that I do not wake up - he did). Sadly my actual GI could not do it because he is away until the 29th.
BUT, I am BEYOND upset...just as i'm about to get started he said "i'm testing for Celiac" and argued "it will be present". THIRD TIME IN A ROW this has happened, where the specialist was more worried about proving I don't have Celiac than figuring out what else I have. There is NO WAY there is ANY evidence of Celiac in me - I've been gluten-free 8.5 years!
Even worse, he says "you can't take treatment anymore" after I told him the only thing that makes me better is Prednisone and i'll go 4-6 months feeling 100%, nothing else works. Then the nurse after my scopes even told me not to take it.
He didn't even speak with me after the procedures, just told the nurse to tell me there was nothing there and that I'd be getting a phone call to see him for results in two months...but I'm going to find out if I can see my actual GI instead.

In the mean time, I feel like i'm dying. I vomited again on friday from eating. I vomiting twice yesterday WHILE eating but was able to force it back down. I've been forcing myself to eat due to no appetite - even salad and rice makes me feel full after a few bites. Stools are still grey. Even liquids make me have diarrhea.

I cannot see my family doctor until this coming Wednesday, and will beg and cry if I have to to get Prednisone. No way I can keep surviving feeling like this.

How can I have every sign of Crohn's but not have it?? :(
There are sooo many different illnesses n conditions where ur symptoms could describe 20 different condtions, ive had active crohns in areas that cant be seen on any scope. Had to drink barium n get ct scans to find it. My advice is to see ur GI doc and stay away from red meat, peanuts, salads, corn, foods with spices, rice, pretty much a completely bland diet and keep yourself hydrated.
I usually do avoid red meat and most vegetables. But right now, avoiding those isn't enough.
Like I said, I get worse and worse sick each time I get the flareups. And if it wasn't for Prednisone I would never feel better. I have tried meds for both stomach spasms and IBS, on high doses - both do nothing. Cipro/Flagyl have quit doing anything, also.
That is truly frustrating!
You say you had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy. But that only covers large bowel, stomach, and duodenum. What about the rest of the small bowel? Small bowel disease can definitely cause your symptoms. People don't throw up repeatedly without there being a reason. And the fact that prednisone helps indicates inflammation...(find a better G.I. maybe.)
good luck


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Habs, sorry to hear you're doing so badly and not getting any help from the ER you went to. Is there another ER near you that you could go to if this gets any worse? You shouldn't have to suffer like this, you deserve some relief. I hope your GI is able to see you soon and/or that your family doc is able to help in some way. Hang in there!
Cat, That was the only ER of the 2 in the city that actually tried to help. I give the ER doc credit for eliminating thigs before taking an educated guess. Like i said, she thinks i have Crohns.
Im pretty sure my family doc will give me the Pred. I also already handwrote all my symptoms week-by-week, as i did last time (had them typed up on blackberry notepad so that list is always with me and dont forget a symptom). Highly doubt anything will change by wed., at least i hope not.
I am feeling like the hypertension is related. Ever since the tummy started flaring so did hypertension. Today i woke with it at 152/114. But not too worried, have had higher and that was before i took my meds and plus i always have Ativan handy - trust me it works miracles for hypertension. I also think it was high today from stress.
Anyways, ive only been awake 13 hours and only ate once (again by force) but yet have already had 8 bouts of mucousy grey diarrhea :(. Most ive gone in one day during this flare.
PS: I just counted on my detailed list...
Week 1: 2 symptoms
Week 2: 6 symptoms
Week 3: 9 symptoms
Week 4: 10 symptoms
Week 5: 14 symptoms
Week 6 (now): same as last, but worse. EDIT: 15 symptoms--developing a fever now :(
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