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In the Hospital Again

Well I found myself waking up in a hospital gown, IV's of solu-medrol, flagyl and that horrid RLQ pain that I call my sword. I started bleeding again last yesterday, had gone to my PC doc and She, Admitted me on the spot.

It sucks, I was just released from the same floor 2 weeks ago, from a 5 day stay. The GI Lady just left and We agree'd that Imuran or Humira is the way to go, since I have been in the hospital 37 days in 5 months. This Chronic Pain is like just sinking its teeth into me!!!:voodoo:

So steady she goes I guess, same ole crud, just asked for more dilaudid, going to be here for a few more days again.....

Crohn's sucks
Crohn's definately does suck. I am so sorry you are feeling so bad. About a year ago I spent more time in the hospital over a 7 month period than I spent at home so I can sympothize.

Hope you feel better soon and keep us posted.
Well I just got tested for TB, actually had a chest X-ray, since the GI would like to start trying Remicade in conjunction witht Imuran which I will start tomorrow. Unfortunately my insurance doesn't want to foot the bill for humria, so far, but my docs are already fighting this....

what can I expect from the imuran?
well I just had another bout of news, I am experiencing hyperglycemia and need insulin, problematic steriod use they say, none-theless the say it must be treated due to my bleeding, risk of infections etc.

So pen Remicade is more expesive than Humira? I must bring this up to my GI Docs in the Am....

They are really rooting for me, any information helps out alot.


Well it wasn't getting married to a hottie like you, must have been the drugs!

My Butt Hurts

Low sex drive from Imuran??
Holy FRIK! My doc was talking about putting me on that with the Humira if the 2 pens don't make it better. I do NOT need some of THAT!
I had not read about that side effect. Sheesh.

Theabilty, Humira did wonders for me for the first 4 months I was on it.
May be worth a try for you. It seems to kick in faster than Imuran might. Took 6 days to notice something for me. Not the same for everyone - but worth a try. Easy to do, and I haven't had any side effects from it. (Well, it just quit working after a while, but hopefully the double dose will help now.)
Good luck - feel better.
wow...what a difference Pen! Seriously why would they tell me that Remicad is cheaper??

...area for swearing at early morning hours....

My team hasn't come through yet so, I'll bring this up to them, I hear so many side effects from the Remicade too...

my stress is overbearing me.

Kimmie I haven't had a GF in awhile so the low sex drive isn't an issue at the moment, it might be in the future thought ;)

Well I'll look at the bright side, if I am still in this room on saturday, I can see the UT Austin stadium from my 8th floor window, I'll have great seats!!!

:| have a day
Yeah definitely pain sucks to much, drains me all of my low energy, or what little energy I have left.

My team just came through and are going to tackle my pain and anxiety better, finally. I recieve my first dose of Imuran today, followed by Remicade tomorrow.

I am going to accept this and let the stuff do what it can.....

thumbs up to remission...
Ahh man TA I hope you get to feeling better soon. I had to have insulin shots while I was in the hospital last year, was due to the steroids too. It won't be a long term thing though. They stopped the shots once I was released.

Imuran just made me feel like I had a cold the whole 3 months I was on it. I didn't notice anything else, low sex drive maybe because I had a damn cold!

Good luck and please keep us updated.
Drew thanks for the support, I just had my most recent dose of insulin, and amoung other things I am starting the immuno-modulators in the am....

I'll keep everyone informed....
well I am going to be on long term humulin insulin, changed my chronic pains mends to OxyContin and have a whole other slew of meds added to the list today.

Looks like I will be here for a few more dasys for sure.....wow

crohn's the :voodoo: of my life!!!
Thought I'd let you know that I didn't have a low sex drive while on Imuran... however I was also on Prednisone... my sex drive was THROUGH the roof at that point in time. You'll NEVER catch me saying this ever again, but Prednisone has its positives.
katiesue....I have been missing the whole BF/GF thing for quite sometime, It hard to want to go GF shopping (a bad metaphor) when I have so many admissions all the time....

Though my medical team has some hottie doctors on it for sure, just wish my energy level matched my male wants and needs, cause having a real relationship with a woman sure can help out alot.......

anyway....my prednisone side effects are INSOMNIA and binge eating.....lol

singles ladies to room 821 please!!!!!


Im with you. Sorry that your stuck there again. Im surprised that they have not admitted me before. Sometimes this helps me, think of good things and things you will do when you get out. Like i think about the food I can eat. Also think that your not the only one. So im here tonight writing this and im having bathroom issues. Hang in there. Hopefully it will get better but i have heard that so much.
ability, the remicade worked awesome for me and my cousin. She was in and out the hosp. for years, the doc put her on remi when it came out. She's been on it 8 or 9 years and does pretty good.
As far as cost, I don't know. My doc writes medically ness. and it all got paid.
Hope they find your 'cocktail' soon
Well I am finaly out of the hospital, finally!!!! Ten day admission again.

So here is what I am on now.....

Imuran 75mg/day

Flagyl 500mg 3x daily for 10 days

Pentasa 1gram/4x times

Prednisone 60mg for 14 days,
40mg 14 days then to
20mg for long term.

I am now on OxyContin 40mg twice daily

Norco for break through pain 10/325 Prn
Cymbalta for Depression/ Chronic Pain 30mg day

Clonazepam 1mg 2x daily for stress

Insulin 5-10units depending on glucometer Readings due to Steroid induced Hyperglycemia

Bentyl Prn
Donnatol Prn
Phenergan Prn

Can I say that I feel alot different with the Imuran already, seriously.......

wow what alot of meds eh!!!!!!
Ability...what a mouthful

If it helps it's well worth all of them

Glad your out of the big house...:emot-dance:

mrs. vr

Holy moley! I bet above and beyond everything, it feels good to be home!