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In the hospital since yesterday

Here I am a in the hospital with my daughter, trying to figure out what went wrong. Thursday went to get Remicade infusion, (third dose). No problem friday, Saturday and Sunday with mild headache, Monday no problem. Tuesday she woke up with nausea and not feeling good. started vomiting and told me she was feeling very sick. First time she tells me that. Emergency room here we go. Fever, vomiting, a very high heart rate, and dehydrated, Vomit went away, fever disappear, a lot of IV. antibiotics (no sign of infection that I know.) but I guess just in case. Only thing that doesn't resolve is the high heart rate. No explanation to that. Could be a reaction to remicade?. I am pretty sure is not a flare up. No lose stools , no pain, no blood and when she got a flare up she does not trow up. She is feeling pretty good now. But I wish I will know what was the problem:(
My 14 year old daughter has had her 6th treatment of Remicade.
She got a high fever last night which I believe is due to a flu bug. She got the flu shot but this bug is not one that was on there. I have heard the flu is hitting people really hard this year.
What has her GI doctor said? Are these symptoms for a remicade reaction?

Thinking of you and your daughter, hope she gets feeling better. Please keep us informed of how she is doing.
take care,
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How are things going araceli?

Has the heart rate settled?

Dehydration will cause an increased heart rate because the heart has to work harder when there is less circulating volume. Once the dehydration has been dealt with that all should go back to normal. Fever will also increase the heart rate.

Thinking of you,
Dusty. xxx
I hope the heart rate settled down i know how scary that can be.....:hug:

A few months ago my daughter was getting chest pain and her heart rate was very high...the Dr said when there is pain anywhere the heart rate goes up.
My son just went through a bout with the flu and it presented just like that. He was afraid to drink water because he had gotten sick so he got dehydrated as well. I think Dusty is right that dehydration could cause the elevated heart rate. Anxiety on top of that can make it worse.

Glad she is feeling better:)
How are things? I hope the heart rate has been resolved. We didn't have any issues like that with remicade. Usually the reaction should happen during infusion. Maybe it's a bug. I see you're down South too. Flu and everything else is going haywire here in Bama.

Hugs and hope she's better soon!
Hello. Thanks for your replies.
everything has been resolved but the heart rate(not as high now ). Tests show no infection but she is on antibiotics anyway, waiting on electro. What ever it was, I am just glad she is doing better I can not say the same about me, looking really bad, no sleep and with the same clothes since Tuesday. I DID TAKE A SHOWER THOUGH! I will update as soon as something new comes up. Thanks.


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Electroardio-graph/gram (ECG)?

I so hope things are continuing to settle for your daughter...:ghug:...and you are getting some decent rest and sleep...:heart:

In my thoughts,
Dusty. xxx
Hi. Finally we are home. She is doing great, like nothing happened. We don't have a DX, so I don't know what was wrong, she will see her pediatrician on Monday, and hopefully GI soon. I don't know how the ECG was, but I guess it was good if they let her out. As far as I know she will continue with Remicade. Thanks everybody for your support and kind words.


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Yay! So good to hear you are home and all is well. :):):)

I know it is hard not having answers but I hope whatever it was it is a one off! :hug:

Good luck with the follow up appointments and treatments!

I hope you both sleep long and well in your own beds. :)

Dusty. xxx