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Incision bleeding

Hey guys, so it's getting close to two weeks since my surgery. My main incision has not fully healed and is bleeding quite a bit. Today I've had to put gauze on the area several times in order to keep it covered. This morning at 2am I looked at the area and cut the tape off my appliance to get a better look at the steri strips holding my incision together. Three of the four inches of steri strips were floating on a river of blood. My mom helped me clean up the whole area and we found that only a section a little less than a centimeter was oozing blood. I had to take off most of the steri strips, and thankfully, I had butterfly strips to hold the area together. Then I covered the whole area with gauze and dressings. I'm waiting for my surgeon to get back with me about whether he wants me to go to him to look at the area and fix it, or if I can go to my GP. I'm hoping my GP can fix it so I don't have to drive very far. The area also hurts a bit and just feels a bit weird. Has anyone else had this issue in the past? What did you do? On the plus side three of the four of my small incisions have fully healed, the fourth is just slightly oozy so it shouldn't be long.

Thank you for reading through this. I'm sleep deprived and on pain meds so I'm not sure how coherent this is.

Definitely have it checked. If you can get in to your GP sooner than your surgeon, do that. It is probably okay, but you need to rule out infection to be sure. I had one area that acting similar to what you describe, but not quite as much blood as yours.
Thanks guys, I went to the surgeon and they pulled out a good size hematoma. Hopefully now I'll be back to healing well. Thank you all for your help.
Yeah I'm feeling better now. My incision still hurts from all their poking and prodding but the "swelling" went down a half inch to an inch so that's awesome!
Hey that's great, Jeff. I'm sure it'll come as a big relief.

I'm following your story closely...I'll be coming up for the proctocolectomy soon (soon as I stop avoiding it, that is!) and it's good to know what to look for/to look forward to!

Hope the healing can begin and that your pain subsides soon.

Keep well,

Hi glum chump, it's truly not too terrible. The pain is not too terrible. It really feels like a burning sensation, more than anything else.

I have had another problem. It seems I may have popped a stitch. My incision is about 1/4 of an inch open on the left side and the steri strips they put on are popping off. Luckily they gave me the rest of the pack, but it's difficult to put them on when the incision is open and you have to push it together while putting on the steri strip. I sent them a message and am awaiting their reply on whether I should go back to get restitched. Ugh, this incision is really a pain in the stoma lol.