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increased Humira dosage to 1 pen / wk

my son (28) has been on Humira for CD for 2+ years (1 pen / 2wks) - Dr is increasing dosage to 1 pen / wk /// is that considered a high dosage and does it come w/ significantly more risks?

my little penguin

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Ds started humira at age 9
Once every two weeks
Then switched to every 10 days after a year
Then every week after another year or so and finally every 5 days
He was able to be in humira for over 5 years
No increase in risk
Risk is simply from taking the med
No issues in 5 years
He was also on mtx (due to juvenile arthritis as well as crohns )

He had to have minor surgery (non crohns ) and held humira which made it stop working when he restarted
Switched to Stelara at 14 (almost 3 years ago )

so for him biologics (even at higherfrequency has not presented a problem
Fwiw he is on Stelara 90 mg every 4 weeks and has been for 2.5 years