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Incredibly discouraged

Hey....I know I haven't really been around offering support, so part of me feels I shouldn't be requesting it, however I just need somewhere to turn right now. The past few weeks i've been getting up off my butt doing things, spending some time away from the computer. I have, however, been reading most of the posts, and piping in here and there when I feel I have something to add.

Anyways, about two weeks ago I finally woke up one day and realized that I didn't hurt anymore...after nearly 6 months of feeling rotten every minute, of every day. I could touch my stomach without wincing, my stools became normal, i was having one or two a day, they didn't hurt, it was lovely! I even started back at work a little over a week ago....I started with just one shift, and it went fairly well. I was tired, it did take a lot out of me, but I was optimistic. I wasn't able to work again for a week after that first shift due to too many appointments, but I was feeling so great last week, that when they offered me two shifts in a row I thought I could manage.

Well....not so much. :( Last night was my second shift in a row, and it's done me in. I had D on my way home this am (i was working nights, as they're a little easier), I've had a few more episodes today, i've put myself back on boost, I had to skip a wedding shower for a friend, and the pain is back. I feel like i've gone backwards a couple of weeks. I'm so frustrated, I just wish it didn't have to be such a stinking slow freaking process, I just want to get back at it! And now that i've overdone it, I'm worried about how long it will be until i'm able to get back at it again. Hopefully I can get over this in a day or two, but i'm thinking this is what we call a flare........:( Anyways....thanks for reading, just a vent i guess.
You can always come on here for support.

I'm glad you got some relief although short, hopefully this doesn't last long and after a few days of rest you can feel better. I notice when I get like you are that it's usually my body's way of telling me I need to rest. Remember when you get better to take things really slow. I'm praying for you to feel better.
You are always welcome to come on and vent or ask for support and advice. Thats what the forum is for. I think we all understand that sometimes you can't come on line as often as you would like and sometimes can stick around for a while.

I'm sorry to hear you're flaring again after working. I know how much you were looking forward to getting back to work and how good you were feeling as well. Remember that, like Jeff said, sometimes it's just your bodys way of telling you to slow down a little and maybe relax. So maybe you need to have them give you a day inbetween your shifts to recoop for a while? You might work up to being able to do back to back shifts, but for now at least maybe they can help you out and give you a little break to ease back into it. There could also be other factors to your flaring as well. I think you'll be ok and I think if you relax a little and do as you're doing you'll be fine in no time.

I'm keeping you in my thoughts and hoping this is just a short term incident.


Aw Tam
but you know the Pred masks, and you feel great, then BAM, hit the deck?
Try and rest for a few days now
Vent away, that's what we're here for
lotsa luv
Joan xxx
Hey Tam, try to go easy on yourself as well. We all seem to expect to be superheros when we start to feel just a lil better, take it as slow as you are able, remember to breathe.... I hope you are feeling better soon, flares are so frustrating because as you said it seems like starting all over again. Please hang in my friend and if you need an ear pm me if you like. feel better.
Its hard when the bubble has been burst, whether you were feeling good for a few days or a few years. Take it easy.
I am glad to hear that you were feeling well for a little bit! Maybe taking it easy for now will help you gain better pain free days again. Try not jumping back into work for a while till you know your ok for a long span of time. Give your body time to heal from the long period of time that you were going through rough times. Sorry just my opinion. Even if you are not feeling stress or like its too much at work, it does take a lot out of you when you just started to feel better......I hope that you get back to feeling well again soon :)
Hi Tam,
I noticed from your sig that you're not on any "traditional" Crohns drugs, except Pred. You said you were trying that, so is that new for you?

Is your doc going to recommend somthing like Humira, 6mp, Asacol, etc?
Hi Tam. Hopefully this is a short term flare. When I start feeling better I immediantly want to get up and start doing things as well--it's no fun to just sit around all the time. I hope you feel better very soon, and take things easy for a while.
Pam how are you feeling now?? Do you think it may have something to do with your new pregnancy and it making you flare? Also you said you are now thinking about reducing the pred is this making you worse or going ok? I hope you get better hun and your pregnancy is smooth sailing. Good luck.