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Has anyone tried INFeD?
I have done 7 Venofers and they aren't taking. I saw the hematologist yesterday and she said I had been iron deprived my entire adult life, and maybe part of my childhood too (now 38) and it will take major major iron to get back to a normal level. While my insurance is being run for the pre-authorization they gave me another Venofer in the mean time.

I've read some crazy things about Infed, but apparently she is saying there is a new low molecular weight formulation with a lower side effect profile, and you get 1-2g per dose which is up to 8x the strength of Venofer. They have to pre-medicate me like crazy though - like 6 drugs to prevent a life threatening reaction. Luckily this is a hospital clinic setting so I will be monitored closely and the ER is across the street...hope I don't need it!!!