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Infertility and Crohn's

Hi group,

I recently started on the road to TTC, and enlisted the services of a fertility center due to a marked absence of Y chromosomes willing to participate in the process. In doing the prenatal workup (labs), we found out my FSH is high. Really high: 31.3. I'm 30 years old and it should be <10. Will be checking AMH next week to see just how eggless my ovaries are. I might not even be an IVF candidate. It's a little bit soul crushing.

I know certain autoimmune disorders can cause POS/POI and I'm looking for more information on whether Crohn's could be implicated. I also have Celiac Disease.

If you hear/read of anything, or have a personal experience with this, I'd like to know more.

Thanks guys.
Pelvic PAIN, RELENTLESS adhesion former, infertility

I am 35 years old, post total proctocolectomy , permanent ileo over 10 years ago. I have the worst pelvic pain due to these adhesions. It's gotten worse over the last 2 yr. My gyno went in to "release" my ovary after it was incarcerated my this scar/ adhesion tissue last year and tacted up my uterus and ovaries in hopes of conceiving. I just had a failed Invitro cycle a couple of months ago, and am so torn on what to do next. I have consulted a gastro surgeon locally to see if she could clean my pelvis up and place a biosynthetic lining in ( like my original surgeon did over 10 years ago) to prevent these adhesions from forming again, and hopefully releiving some pain. She was clueless, and told me to hurry and go for the Invitro if I ever wanted to become a mother.
What do I do now? I can't continue with this ongoing relentless pain. But I'm afraid of what it would mean to not try more with infertility treatments.
Anyone else in this boat? What other options are there that doesn't involve a hysterectomy at 35?! It's wearing on me . In a bad way.
Please help