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Inflamed polyp—IBD?

Inflamed polyp—IBD?

So I went to my first follow up appointment with my GI after my sigmoidoscopy last month. I have been dealing with stomach issues for three years and have had two colonoscopies. My most recent sigmoidoscopy was for rectal bleeding. My GI informed me that the biopsy report for the polyp that they removed during the scope was found to be a benign inflamed polyp. There was no other evidence on inflammation elsewhere in my colon. My GI said that she’ll message the doctor who had performed the scope regarding whether I’ll need a full scope but as of right now she doesn’t think I will.

I obviously did some googling on my own and found that usually inflamed polyps are indicators of an IBD. Does anyone know if a single polyp can mean I have an IBD even without overt colon inflammation? Could there be any other causes of this type of polyp?

Lady Organic

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Hi, Im no doctor, but I have never heard of a polyp being a sign of an IBD.
I have heard of pseudopolyps (tissue that looks like a polyp) in IBD, which are in fact scar tissues resulting from long term inflammation.
The surgeon found multiple inflammatory polyps (pseudopolyps) in my sigmoid colon in March and referred me on a rush referral. Biopsy showed it was inflammatory polyps but nothing else. I had a limited number of biopsies taken in that colonoscopy. My GI says it looks like Crohn's; he's treating me for Crohn's. I've got a upper and lower scope scheduled for August and I've been prescribed Mezavant (mesalamine).

I haven't been able to find many other people with inflammatory polyps being diagnosed with Crohn's or IBD. Yet the surgeon and GI were positive it looked like Crohn's. I'm confused why they are so sure when I'm not hearing or reading much about inflammatory polyps being a classic sign of inflammation for IBD.