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Inflammation but not Crohn’s?

I had a colonoscopy and upper gastric endoscopy Wednesday. My GE took a bunch of biopsies, and we’ll discuss the results when he gets them back in two weeks. He didn’t mention Crohn’s after the procedure (he spoke with my friend, not me) and told her he didn’t see anything he believed was cancerous. (I wasn’t worried about cancer, but my friend was because her mother died from colon cancer.) Since the doctor didn’t mention Crohn’s, does that mean I probably don’t have it?

My packet of take home notes says I have patches of inflammation scattered throughout my digestive tract (gastritis, colitis), as well as esophageal erosion, an esophageal ring, hiatal hernia, numerous stomach polyps, and diverticulosis. I guess these are just a bunch of separate issues? Would mild Crohn’s only show up on a biopsy? I have joint pain, extreme fatigue, mouth sores, and HS nodules when I have GI symptoms, which is why my dermatologist and primary doctor suspected Crohn’s. But maybe this is just a bunch of unrelated stuff?
Biopsies don't allow you to diagnose crohn's disease, what it allows you to do is exclude intestinal TB in people with patchy skip lesions so typical for both CD and intestinal TB.

Patchy granuloma in CD and Intestinal TB look very alike. So you take a biopsy, do PCR and staining tests to rule out intestinal TB.

Once intestinal TB is off the checkbox, you can start to check the anatomy of crypts, do ASCA, anti-OmpC tests, check for the presence of inflamed M cells in early onset disease, etc.

Crohn's disease is a bit like the solution when all other options have been exhausted.