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Inflammation everywhere

Hey everyone, happy mother's day. the weekend was goregous and i almost caught a 3.5 lbs trout, it unhooked itself. first time i have fished since i was a little girl.
the weather was wonderful. felt like crap though. I am not sure if anyone else experiences this. My ankle is inflammed again, my lower eye lids are inflammed, i have lovely cankers on my lips, my body is breaking out in pimples, and very tired. just crapy from head to toe really.
I promised my mom that next week when i feel better i will give her a really good foot massage;)
has anyone else experienced these symptoms? what protocol does your dr follow for this kind of stuff if you have?
thanks guys hugs and kisses everyone
I have felt like that before. I would suggest that you watch every thing that you eat. Make sure everything you put in your body is a natural detoxifier and it should help. I do not remember these foods because it has been a while since I have felt bad but try having berry smoothies as berries have seemed to help me.

Good luck



Hi steph

I get inflamtion on my face but its in patches and not pimples..... there is one thing that is appently an extra of crohns that a couple of my friends have and its called Psoriasis here is a basic description of it see if it fits you

Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition of the skin that gives rise to reddened skin covered with dry, silvery scales. These scales, known collectively as plaques, consist of several layers of dead skin cells.

Psoriasis characteristically involves the scalp, the extremities (particularly elbows and knees), the sacral (lower back) area, buttocks and— in males— the penis. The nails, eyebrows, armpits, navel or groin region may also be affected. In some cases, psoriasis is so mild that people don't know they have it. However, severe psoriasis may involve large areas of the body. Psoriasis is characterized by frequent recurrences and remissions and is not contagious

Heres a site for more info and just google it for more


Well best of luck there hun

I have all those fun symptoms as well...they come and go as they please.

Lately (perhaps prednisone?) I have trouble walking because of intense ankle stiffness/pain...so fun!

You can also massage me anytime..just let me know when :)
thanks guys for your respones. it doesn't sound like psoriasis. but i noticed that even the little acupuncture spots on my tummy are infected. strange. yeah, i get the intense stiffness and pain in my feet/ankles and knees. did prednisone help? cortisone shot helped, but sure didn't last long - i just got it maybe 2-3wks ago and the pain is back.
i will try the berry smoothie - they are really yummy too. perhaps i am reacting to something in my diet.
thanks again everyone. luv ya