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Inflammation markers

So the NP says I have no inflammation markers in my blood work. I am wondering how can that be when I have pain as things go through my system and my stools are like water, no form whatsoever.
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The inflammation markers don't always work. The primary inflammation marker in the blood is CRP. It is often elevated when Crohn's is active but not always. I'm one of those for whom CRP doesn't work as a marker for the state of my Crohn's. No matter whether I'm in total remission or stuck in a painful flare, my CRP is always flat normal (<3.0).

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Same here my kiddos bloodwork is always normal except if he has a massive infection
But inflammation from crohns or arthritis- completely normal bloodwork
Thankfully they can see the inflammation in his joints
Gi tract is a little trickier
Thanks for the info. I am not real pleased with that NP because she treated me like it’s all in my head when my body is telling me otherwise. Not sure how you get them to listen to you though. Sent me home without helping me at all. These are the medical people I don’t like and can do without.


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SAME! My daughters don't show inflammation in blood labs unless they are really sick to the point of sepsis. Fecal calprotectin is usually the test that will show inflammation in the GI tract. But even that is not telltale for a few people.