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Inflammation when BM

Hey everyone,
My son has been complaining about inflammation and “burning” during bm. He said that a sac is poking out. It doesn’t hurt, but is there. Does this sound like hemorrhoids?

my little penguin

Staff member
Please let the on call Gi know
It could be hemmroids or rectal prolapse ?
Rectal prolapse is more serious since the rectum can not be exposed to air for very long .
It can undergo necrosis , bleeding etc....
Ds had rectal prolapse at age 7 prior to being diagnosed with crohns
If Ds rectal prolapse is out for more than 10 minutes and doesn’t rectract on its own
He has to wrap it in sugar gauze -water and head to the ER.
rectal prolapse can be partial ,complete etc...
so lots of variation

can he use a mirror to figure out what is what ?
Definitely call your on call Gi