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inflammatory polyps

Does anyone else have inflammatory polyps? I'm in the processed of getting diagnosed. My GI specialist is pretty sure it's Crohn's. And the surgeon who did my colonoscopy in March said it looks like Crohn's.

But I don't have ulcers. Does/did anyone have these polyps in their colon or intestine before remission? Am I a weird case or is this a common thing to find in colonoscopies? I'm getting the impression this isn't a normal finding on colonoscopy, but both the surgeon and the GI took one look at it and said, "Crohn's."

I've got a upper and lower endoscopy in early August. That might get more information. Thank you for any help. I've been pretty confused.


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Hi Kate
I know that polyps are sometimes found when a colonoscopy is done so I don't think you are strange everyone with crohns has different outcomes it is a gift that keep on giving
Like you say wait till August and see what comes back sending you hugs
Thanks! I guess stuff can show up differently in everyone. The surgeon and the specialist both act like they've seen it before. I guess I was expecting it to be a common finding in scopes. The August scopes will probably clear things up. My March scope didn't have very many biopsies & they were all taken from the same area of my colon.
I have had them last 2 colonscopys and DR dont seem to be worried and no medicine changed, just found them, nothing changed.
They removed them at colonscopy time and think that was a good thing. I dont worry why there or what it means, they removed so trust that was good. Sure if something to worry about, they would of made a change or told me something other, no talk just found 2 2 X now. never previous and I have had Crohns 48 yrs now and 3/4 small intestine removed from collasping with active crohns. last resection was 1988, long ago now, hope no more and keep my just 6 ft left I have but till get the problems mentioned in these forums.
Good luck to us all.
Diet, big help I had to learn what foods work with Crohns or low fat diet choices, and more, nutritionist bigger help each time DR sent me to one.
It helped for over all, flare ups not from food I ate but mind of its own.