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Inflectra concerns

Hello everyone, new to this forum. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 30+ years ago and ended up having surgery with a J pouch. Recently I have been having issues with an abscess which turned into a fistula. They put a drain in but it continues leaking. They are now thinking I may have a variation of Crohn’s disease. They are now thinking I may have a variation of Crohn’s disease. They are now about to start me on Inflectra. My worries are that how this may affect me long-term and if it is worth taking. I guess what I’m asking is, are there issues I need to worry about or ask the doctor about before starting it? Thank you.

my little penguin

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Ds was on remicade (brand version ) when he was 8 without any long term issues . He is now 16
He had a mild allergic reaction to thE drug after 8 months . But he is allergic to foods ,pollens , bees and other drugs so remicade was just another drug allergy in his case
But he had been on biologics over 8 years since .
Humira for over 5 and Stelara for the past 2 years

Never regretted taking biologics

Good luck


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New York, USA
Welcome Memphis to the forum. I've been on Remicade for over 12 years now, still going strong...absolutely the best thing I ever did was start a biologic.