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Infliximab...how long should it take to work?

Hello everyone.

I’m sure this is a common question, but I’ve just had my third loading dose yesterday and my IBD nurse/pharmacist/consultant have recommended I give things another week or so to see if there’s a response, otherwise they want me to try stelara.

I’ve been in a flare since August, on a liquid diet three times this year and only achieved remission for 2-3 months with Humira and then lost response so had to start infliximab. Surviving on prednisolone at the moment, but can’t taper any lower than 15mg. I ended up in A & E again a week and a half ago with severe abdominal pain and vomiting which meant I had in increase the steroids again to 30mg.

So my main question is: is another week time enough for me to tell if infliximab is going to work for me? I’m just reluctant to say it isn’t working and then dismiss another drug if you know what I mean....
For me personally, two days after my first infusion, I felt totally normal again. I think some say it can start to work immediately, while others say maybe one to two months.

If you are vomiting and having abdominal cramps, and have to go back up on your prednisone dosage, I would move on to a new medication.
Thanks awonker12 for your input, I’m just scared to say another drug has failed for me and was afraid I wasn’t giving it a fair enough chance, but from what you say it sounds like I have.
You never know. I have heard in some cases that it can take up until your 4th infusion until some see improvement. It really just depends on the person and how their disease responds. I would talk to your doctor and see what he/she thinks. Glad I could help.