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Infliximab infusion with a new abscess forming

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping that there are some fellow crohnies out there that can help me with this! A bit of background: I've been going through a bad flare for a couple of months now and my GI decided to start me on infliximab. I had my first infusion on 10 Jan and my second loading dose is scheduled for next week, 24 Jan. I also have a long standing appointment later on 24 Jan with a colorectal surgeon to check up on progress (at the moment I have multiple complex fistula and a still healing abscess that was opened out for draining September 2017).

Over the weekend I began developing a perianal abscess, so I called my hospital IBD clinic and the IBD nurse suggested I come in through the A&E and get checked out. I had a surgical consult with a general surgical registrar and given the complexity and general mess that area is in they decided that they didn't want to open up and drain the abscess and would prefer for the colorectal surgeon to have a look at it at our consult on the 24th. So I was sent home with some antibiotics (Cipro) and told to come back if the pain gets any worse or if I start to run a fever.

My question for you all is this - will they still administer the infusion if I have an undrained abscess if I'm on antibiotics? Cos I was told that they won't do the infusion if there is an active infection and doesn't an abscess count as that? Or will they do the infusion as hopefully the antibiotics control the infection situation somewhat.

Really interested to hear experiences of anyone who has been in a similar situation =)

I had a very similar situation when I began Remicade. At that time, my GI decided to delay the initial infusion until the abscess was drained in my case.
Since then, I've abscessed, drained and been on antibiotics during infusions. I think it really depends on the severity of the abscess. I always consult with my GI doc/nurse if something is up before an infusion to decide the best course of action.
Good luck! Remicade has been life changing for me, take care.