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Infliximab - unusual swelling in my neck

Hey guys

Need some advice, has anybody on infliximab experienced strange swelling on the neck?
Its just above my collar bone.

I know that on this medication its something we need to look out for.

I had been experiencing mild stiffness in my neck on and off for a short while. Thought maybe I was sleeping wrong but today I've got noticeable swelling on my neck .. Feels and looks strange.

Of course I'm going straight to the doctors tomorrow to get it checked.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you

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I'm not sure if it's the same, but I have had periods of a stiff, sore neck and jawline since I started Humira in January. Are there any specific tender areas when you press? Do you have a dry mouth at all? Have you been snoring? These symptoms could suggest problems with your salivary glands. Do you have any other symptoms which you haven't linked together (joint pains, changes to hair or skin, dry eyes)?

These are all things that I have had and I am currently waiting for the results of tests for Sjogren's Syndrome that can be caused by Humira. They are also testing my thyroid function.

I would be really interested to hear what your doctor suggests.
Hi nitty

Thank you for your response.
I had some stiffness in my neck on and off mainly when I woke up.
My neck is sore when I move it as it puts pressure on the lump.
Its not a hard lump but is large and spongy
It just doesn't feel right

I have had chronic sinusitis with ulceration in the nose that won't heal.
So I'm seeing a specialist for that also