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After suffering for over 3 years with symptoms of cd and having sought a second opinion. it has been confirmed that I have cd and as other drugs have not helped I have been offered infusions of infliximab.
I have been told that this will affect my immune system and I am a little worried ,has anyone had this drug? and how well did it work for you? as my next option will be surgery .
Would appreciate any comments or experiences that could be shared .
the big bet...

Hiya H,
sorry for your Dx.
Infliximab, also-known-as Remicade, is in the biologic drug family.
Considered the gold standard of high-tech IBD treatment,
particularly when used in combo therapy with an Immunomodulator drug.

There are two schools of thought about drugs vs surgery for IBD.
Some say cut first most say cut last.
There are two schools of thought about biologic application.
top up vs top down strategy
Some say go big with drugs first, others say start small climb the ladder over time.

Myself, my own opinion comes hard-earned.
My kid brother has wicked Crohn's, and swears Remicade saved his life.
For me, Remi tried to take my life, but that is another tale... (Lupus)
My dear real life friend made 50yrs in August and died of CD a few weeks later.
[R-I-P Lynn Alison Noble Crohn's warrior first class]
Jun15, 1966 - Aug 3, 2016

I am currently betting my life, the only one I have to spend...
I am all-in with Humi in combo therapy with Methotrexate.
I have yet to achieve remission but remain ever hopeful.

Where it gets tricky, is...
I have done sooo much reading in that spectrum,
I see pros & cons with any, all & every approach.
I could make a good debate both for and/or against.

But boil it down, to the essence
I risk lymphoma, etc to bet big on combo therapy as my best chance
to minimize internal damage and my best hope to achieve remission.
Do your homework, the water is plenty deep.
I wish you good luck, for some, the stakes are your life!

: D
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my little penguin

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Ds has been on biologics for 5 almost 6 years
He started them at age 8.
He has been in regular school the entire time so plenty of exposure to colds and cough and gets less sick than my non ibd kiddo
His scopes have looked pristine since starting biologics where as prior they found st least some inflammation

For him it has worked very well and is keeping his arthritis under control most of the time

A lot of parents have their kids on here on biologics since kiddie disease tends to be more aggressive and longer time frame with more damage and higher rate of surgery

Good luck