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Influenza question

Question for folks - if you are immunocompromised and come down with flu symptoms, how common is hospitalization?

By way of background, I contracted fungal pneumonia back in September and spent two weeks in the hospital. At the time I was on remicade, 6MP and Prednisone - basically a triple whammy when it comes to immunosuppression. It took me about three months to finally feel 'better.'

I'm now on 6MP and recently started Entocort. About two weeks ago I wound up with a sore throat and cough, for which my GP put me onto a Z Pack.

I had a follow up with the Infectious Disease specialist who wanted me to try robitussin to clear up the cough; she also said to watch for fever and colored discharge / mucous.

Of course I started running a fever yesterday (Saturday) and today I feel like crud in general - basically flu symptoms. I know I've read about flu and immunosippresive conditions in the past - but I'm not sure how serious it can be. I know the pneumonia I had was quite serious, and now I'm more than a little concerned about this illness - whether it's just something that gets knocked out by a more powerful antibiotic, or if its really the flu. Anyone have any insight?
Well, apparently it's fairly common. I'm writing this from my hospital bed :(

Flu, bronchitis and pneumonia. But, at least it's not nearly as serious as last time. So I'll likely be spending a few days in isolation. Ah, well.