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Info about remicade

Hey everyone!
I am going to start Remicade next week hopefully and have been talking with my GI about it. Something new that i learned today is that taking Cyclosporine while on remicade can help the body from forming antibodies against the remicade which means you can probably use it for a longer time than most. I have been through the remicade forum, but still had a few ?'s:
1) how well has it worked for you, and how long before you started seeing the affects?
2.) humira vs. Remicade I know that humira comes from human, and remicade from rat proteins, but if you have taken both, which is the way to go?

I am on remicade, haven't tried humira. But the remicade has been workin great! I am on methotrexate (immune suppressant) with it. When I was first started on remicade, it worked great, but seemed to fade out around week 4 or 5, so my doctor doubled up my dose and changed me to every 6 weeks instead of 4, (forget now which we did first) but that combo of double dose and every 6 weeks has need working great for over 3 years now!! I wouldnt say that things were back to 100% but definitely tollerable!
Since them I have been slowly trying to figure out my diet and think I have it pretty hammered down now, and I don't think things could be better!
Hope it works for you! Be sure to let us know!
I was on remicade for 6 months and I felt great the only time I felt back to full health. I wasn't able to go onto an imunosuppresant like 6mp and aza I have had bad reactions with them putting me in hosp. After 6 Months it stopped working my symptoms started coming back and then I built up anti bodies to it. But I would still recommend trying it if you have the chance just because of how good it made me feel, and I would love for other people with crohn's to have that feeling I did.
I am now on humira I inject at home using one of the pens I have only been on it for about 5 weeks and I am slowly making improvements I hope it will eventually make me feel like I did on the remicade. A lot of people say it is painful but I don't find it to bad little bit uncomfortable but everyone is different.
Wishing you the best of luck whatever you choose x
I am coming up on my one year remiversary in March. I am still in remission since starting it. I get it every 7 weeks. I love how much that remicade helps me.

I havent tried humira yet and I wont until the remicade stops working. From what I have read on these forums it seems that remicade works better and for longer periods of time. Thats just what I see though.
Yesterday was my 1 yr anniversary. I 've done great on it for the 6-7 weeks after the infusion. The last week or so before my next infusion I can feel that its about time. Mild cramping and such. I am due for my next one. but I'm waiting on Remi-Start to approve me again so I haven't been able to set up my next one.
I have been able to cut my missing work down better then half of what I was missing.