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Info Re: Ileal Fistula's


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There is no doubt whatsoever that surgery is indicated for an obstructing ileal stricture that fails to respond to medical or endoscopic therapy, for a right iliac fossa mass with internal or external fistulation, for uncontrolled bleeding, or when there is free perforation.
Even with the advent of the biologics it would seem, well from our experience, that surgery is still the only method of successfully treating fistula's that originate in the ileum. Matt had numerous consultations with colorectal surgeons and GI's and they were all the same opinion regarding the treatment of ileal fistula's.

Dusty. :)
Thanks, Dusty, great article. Clear and written in terms that I can understand :) Much as the thought of surgery scares me, deep down I feel I may be putting off the inevitable and if that is going to allow the disease to wreak further havoc, I fear that more than the surgery.
I'd also recommend anyone, like myself, who is suffering from internal fistula(s) to read Dusty's son's story on this thread.

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:ylol2: Yea, well I didn't want to put them off before they'd even started reading it!!
But seriously folks, the article is great for the clinical point of view and Dusty's massive tome helps with an inkling of the other equally important stuff like the emotional repercussions etc. That and Dusty's grey hairs :wink: