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Informative article on IBD drugs, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Thank you Lydia,
I found out some new info that I couldn't find before - I really appreciate this!

Good health and best of luck.
No problem. I started looking into this because before my flare got bad my husband and I wanted to expand our family. When I found out I needed remicade, I flipped out because I thought that meant I wouldnt be able to have anymore kids as long as I needed it. Also nursing is really important to me as its one of the few things I can do to possibly protect my child from getting IBD down the line. Had I known you can actually nurse on a lot of these meds I probably would not have waited so long to go back on them. However I have no regrets as I did the best I could for my child with the information that I had at the time.

I will never forget the day an internal doctor said nursing was icky. It took everything in me to not punch him out. Doctors are really uninformed on breastfeeding for the most part.
My wife and I were considering having kids, and there's a possibility of her going on biologics because of her seronegative spondyloarthropathy, and her doctor said she wouldn't be able to go on the biologics if she was planning on getting pregnant... I think I'll print that article out and have her bring it to her next rheumy appointment.

When I asked my GI about us getting pregnant, he said there was not an increased risk of our kids getting CD - but that article basically says its 40% higher chance... I think I'll bring that in for him too! LOL

Thanks again. =)

Good health and best of luck.