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Infusion center doesn't have my remicade

I am so frustrated, my infusion is today at 11:30 I live and hour away, and the infusion center just called me to tell me they don't have my remicade. They hospital the infusion center is at decided to stop carrying it, so my doctors office now has to special order it or something, it wasn't clear to me but I didn't think I there was anything I needed to do.

I've been feeling worse lately and now I can't get my infusion and it is just so frustrating.


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New York, USA
Well that SUCKS!!!

You would think that whomever does the scheduling would make note of what medications are needed for appointments/infusions on a daily basis!!!

I hope they can get you in quickly, did they give you any timeframe on how long it should take to get the Remicade in?
My doctors office was having trouble with he specialty pharmacy sending the medication out, so they are switching me to an infusion center that still orders the remicade themselves. Turns out to be a blessing in disguise because I ended up catching some bug. But I am still bummed I have to wait over a week.