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Injection Malfunctions

I thought it would be good to have a place we can post about our occasional injection mishaps we have.

My wife gives me my injections. Last night I a laying back in the recliner with my headphones on, listening to music, which relaxed me before the shot. Sandy is getting the pen ready. She took of cap 1, but it seems stuck and she had to tug on it to get it off. Cap 2 would not come off. She gave it an extra hard tug and the pen went off. I opened my eyes to Humira hitting the ceiling over my head and dripping off the ceiling fan!

Since it was after hours and it is the week end, I have to wait to Monday to call Humira and get ths replaced. Also, I am out of Humira, so I can't just take the next pen.


Dynastic Overlord
My wife gives me my injection also. I don't use the pens anymore. The syringes never are a problem. When I had then pen we had problems with them on a few occasions.
Just had a mishap today on my second loading dose no less!:eek2: Not sure what to do, will have to see what my GI nurse says tomorrow. I'm guess it was my fault, it had more of a kickback than I remembered and didn't press down hard enough. I had a nickle size puddle on my leg of the med. I can't believe I messed up the loading dose.

Do any of you keep an extra one on hand in case something happens or do you have to order another one? It would seem just good idea in general to have an extra one on hand in the event of weather issues / natural disaster situations and you can't get your next dose delivered. Although it is so hard to get a normal dose approved let alone have an extra on hand.....
I had a misfire with the Humira pen so I cld the company and they sent me a new one for free. It happens sometimes. Give them a call and tell them that your wife had a hard time getting the cap off. It could be a factory issue and have happened to others.

feel better.
The replacement pens have arrived.They sent me me a box of 2 for no charge. So Friday is still Jab day, but I had 3 Weeks between jabs.