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Injection Questions

I have been looking through the board for an answer so I thought I would just throw this out:

I took Humira a little over 4 years, they stung but the pen was simple and it only took about 10 seconds. I hated it but it was very doable for me. After a resection surgery I have been put on Cimzia.

I have done my first 3 loading doses of the Cimzia, the first I did one and my doctor's nurse did the other. The idea of the needle freaks me out I have to mentally prepare like a week in advance and have my husband help cheerlead me through. The sad part is I think I would be fine had I not read the directions. In my doctors office the nurse showed me how to remove the air bubble, be a safe distance from my scar and belly button, grab my area of my stomach and inject....just like I did with the Humira. Well when I read the directions it mentions that you are supposed to inject, then bring the syringe back to see if you get any blood, and if it's clear you inject. AAAAGGHHHHH!!! How the heck am I supposed to do that when I'm holding my stomach in one hand and the syringe in the other...and the nurse never mentioned this??? This whole concept has me freaked out and I have been just doing it as the nurse and I practiced, but now I am concerned that I am skipping this step. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

It is okay. Once you have the needle in your skin, gently let go of the skin and hold the syringe with that hand and gently pull back on the plunger to make sure you don't get any blood in the syringe. Then you push the plunger down injecting the medicine. I agree the auto inject pen was much easier to use but this is our life :) You can do it.
Is it often that you end up with blood in the syringe??? I have to have my medication shipped & delivered from a specialty pharmacy so I guess I better be sure that I have my next dose in the event that this would happen??
I have never ended up with blood in the syringe. If that were to happen, just call your pharmacy and have them overnight a replacement dose for you. I get mine from a specialty pharmacy and they send it the day after I order it. Good luck, you can do this!
Thank you for being so helpful! I found a few videos on youtube, some did it and some did not. But overall, I think I can. Had my husband watch with me. I have till Wednesday to get the courage! THANK YOU!