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I'm not sure if i have it but thought it would be best to ask.

I'm always having trouble falling asleep like it will take me 2 - 4hours just to fall asleep and then i will keep waking up every 30mins - 2hours and fall right back asleep or again have trouble falling asleep.

If it is Insomnia, could it be related to my bowel problems? or would it be a separate issue?
Perhaps your stomach is digesting and not resting yet? What about a cup of tea before bed time? Warm ginger tea may be settling and comforting... stay warm and feel better!

Crohn's Mom

Interesting .. I'm not positive if it's related to your bowel issues or not, but my daughter has the same problem.
She actually had an appointment with her GI today for a follow up appointment after her surgery. He asked her during how she sleeps and she let him know that she doesn't, and when she does she continuously wakes up.
He was very interested in that and has, with her permission, set her up with a sleep disorder doctor at the Mayo clinic where she goes.
I am very intrigued to see what they have to say.

I hope you start to feel better and get some rest soon, I know not sleeping can make you feel miserable itself. :(


Friend of ours has just been to sleep doctor, had blood tests for vitmin d. He is now taking d due to low levels.
@Mickey, thank you for your feedback :), i drink tea quite often so i'm not sure if it will help much but i will try it tonight.

@Crohn's Mom, Thank you for your kind words, It actually doesn't make me feel miserable as my body gets used to irritable things fast which comes in handy with bowel related issues :) If you do find that it's possibly bowel related or anything of the sort would you mind filling me in? if it's too personal then it's ok.

@Catherine, I've had many blood tests over the past few months but no doctor has told me anything that's a serious threat. I know i have a high WBC that just won't go down, LOW RBC that's always been that way for a long time (probably gotten a lot lower as i'm tired all the time) and low platelets. All of my doctos have said they are the main concerns but now most are saying it may just be the way i am. I've not had any of my blood test results for a few months now as their network was down the last time i went. If my anemia like symptoms do continue to persist i will go for another one and ask them to look at vitmin D levels. Thank you :)


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I agree with Catherine about the vitamin D. A few lifestyle changes that may help:

1. No sugar or caffeine within 6 hours of going to bed.
2. No mentally intense activity within one hour of bed.
3. Try yoga nidra
4. Use your bed for sleep and adult fun. Don't eat, watch TV, etc there.
5. Get off the computer at least one hour prior to bed.
6. Dim the lights on your house as night comes. Also install f.lux which automatically dims your computer monitor as night falls (oh god I love f.lux).

Hope that helps some :)
@Dave, i don't eat sugar anymore only very rarely like once a week - once every few months. I have been on a strict water only diet and only have sugar when i feel very tired.
I've tried yoga and dimming my screen as well as no computer 1 hour prior to bed. Only thing i haven't tried is use the bed for sleep and adult fun only. i normally eat there as well as watch tv and use my laptop on it as well. I will try and make these changes. I think one of the main causes of my insomnia is over thinking. As soon as i go to bed i tend to over think alot. I just ponder what has happened through out the day and what will happen during the next day, just a habit.


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Break the habit :) Sit down in a quiet, dim area BEFORE you go to bed and think about that stuff if it's something you like to do.
I've tried, it's very hard :(.

When i try not to think i start to think about not thinking.

It's an endless loop for me.
Natural herbs have helped me a lot, lemon balm, holy basil and L-theanine. They not only help me sleep, but they stop that 'thinking about thinking' you are talking about. I usually sleep soundly through the night while using these unless one of my kids wake me up in the night, then I have trouble going back to sleep. The herbs and getting that good night's sleep also helps reduce stress, which is an added bonus. Of course, you should check with your doctor to make sure none of these herbs interfere with your medication. I am on mesalamine and no ill-effects.
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