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Insurance Foul-Up

I just came from the pharmacy. Apparently the insurance company informed the pharmacy that I need to be pre-approved for Remicade. NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!! I had my first infusion Dec 20, so I am pre-approved. In fact it took a 6 weeks to get the approval!

The insurance company told the pharmacy I need to be approved every calender year, yet the did not tell me, the Bioclin infusion clinic or the doctor any of that. My appointment for my second infusion is tomorrow. The insurance comapny has me on Short term disability and knew my second appointment was for Jan 4.

I am so upset I am in tears! Can't anything go smoothly.
kllyeve, I am so sorry to hear about your trouble with your insurance company!!! I dread anytime I have to deal with them, especially over the phone. I have gotten multiple different responses to the same question!! Hang in there, I am hoping they can some how get it worked out for you by tomorrow.

I called the Infusion clinic and left a message as they do not open until 9 am. I also called the Short Term Disability contact and told them what was going on to see if they could help in the morning - everybody was gone for the night so hopefully my teary messages will light some fires in the morning.