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Insurance with IBD


I was hoping that some of you could share your experiences with getting life insurance. Did you have to pay a hefty premium? Were you often rejected? Any tips you can share?

I am still covered under my parents health plan as a student, but do not have life insurance. I think I will wait at least a year after my surgery (so at least until next april) before attempting to apply, to ensure that my recent surgery is less of a factor.
I am lucky that I am still protected by my parents insurance but have no life insurance. I will probably get that in a few years.


I'm confused I thought you were asking about life insurance but then it seemed you were talkng about health insurance in the beginning.

I had life insurance myparents had bought for me as a child, only 10,000 but when I turned 21 it went up to 25,000 and I've called around no one will give me more no matter how much I pay.

Health insurance thats a different story, I'd like to know if thats what you were talking about, I have quite a bit of knowledge about health insurance.