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Interesting turn of events


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Back in December I had my "old lady" colon cancer screening colonoscopy. I had one 6 years ago. No polyps. They did find two small ulcers but put that down to prep. At the time the guidelines were every 5 years. Stuff happens and I finally get around to getting to a GI and she says the guidelines are now 10 years but since my parents have had polyps I should probably do one and then we will see.

I got it done in December and the scoping GI said all looked good but there was some inflammation and two ulcers. She took biopsies. Biopsies came back suspicious of Crohn's and I earned myself a referral to a Crohn's specialist. I thought it was a complete waste of my time but figured I would go to check out an adult provider for the girls.

Well he said my scope is too suspicious to be nothing and it is likely Crohn's but so so mild as I am rarely symptomatic and he agrees I could put my symptoms down to infection or food etc because they happen so rarely. He also said that because I have psoriasis and a first degree relative with Crohn's that people like me do show some inflammation and ulcers that look like mild Crohn's but they don't progress much past that.

No meds. Just blood and fecal calprotectin and MRE and watch every 6 months. I don't even have to repeat the scope or MRE unless I become more symptomatic.

So interesting. You often hear that a parents disease fast tracks a kids diagnosis but rarely do you hear it go the other way around? Of course hubby is saying AHA! They got it from you! Even though his nephew has it so I maintain it came from his side! What a ridiculous thing to debate!