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I met with the surgeon that is going to do the bowel resection. I was expecting a prep similar to a colonoscopy, but no. He said just a liquid diet and that I would be on soft foods before I left the hospital. I thought that they would not want me to eat so to not irritate the area where they stapled me back together. I guess he knows what he is doing, since he went to med school and my medical training consists of the Biology class I took in high school.
I'm sure his goal is to connect two healthy sections together so he probably wont be stapling any irritated area back together. When you get out of surgery you will more then likely only be allowed to have sips of water and ice cubs then you have to pass gas, then you can start with liquids and work up to soft foods.

I was thinking the other day... way back when they started to do these type of operations when did they decide you need to pass gas first? Good luck and let us know how it goes!
Passing gas is a requirement after any surgery. :p
The bowels stop working when under anaesthetic, and so they want to make sure they're back to working before sending you away. :)