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Intestinal Th17 Subset is Associated with Inflammation in Crohn’s Disease and Activated by AIEC


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Might as well post the image I made for the other thread, since it keeps referring to IL-23 blockers. Someone mentioned Risankizumab referenced in the study, it's another IL-23 blocker isn't it.

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I think the drugs just cut off the inflammatory signal, and suspend the immune system's response, includ Infliximab, Humira, Sttelara and so on. But AIEC is still here. After the drug failure, immune system reactive again, symptoms will return. AIEC is existence and bad for us, even if it doesn't exist in each of us. Eliminate it is beneficial at least. So, we need to eliminate them, especially those hide inside macrophages.
I agree. The silver bullet must be a way of permanently getting rid of the pathogens.
I think it must be a tree step process:

1) get the body in the best possible state: no stress, healthy diet, exercise.

2) knock down the pathogens (AIEC and ??) - with a drug that unfortunately does not exist yet (!) I so hope it will soon.

3) maintain 1) to prevent a condition where reinfection can occur