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Intro diet- is it going proper

I have diagnosed crohns in august 2013 and been on pentasa 3g. And budez for 3 months . present managing with pentasa 2g and esmeprazole , vitamin supplements.

My diet for past 1 year rice, black gram,cooked squashes, egg plant and carrots, scd yoghurt.

Today I started with intro of scd
Breakfast: 3 eggs with lot of butter, papaya
Every 2 hours some yoghurt
Lunch: carrot soup, 2 eggs , cooked bottle gourd( some sort of squash)
In between tender coconut water and ripe bananas
Dinner: variation of lunch.

I have excess gas through out the day and some sort of feeling like obstruction in throat and tightness in the lower abdomen.

Today having 2 bm and now( night) having some sounds from stomach and urgency .

Is it going in the right direction? Plz advice.
It is not possible to offer much advice on what you are feeling,
You are the only person who is feeling it and other peoples advice will reflect their own experiences and may be useful but also may not.
If you can get a copy of the SCD book ("Breaking the vicious cycle") then read it.
if not then use this website (and others)
Free intro guide from SCDlifestyle (a good website for all things SCD)

if you were not eating many eggs before then eating five a day could cause gas/cramping.
Likewise, any other dramatic changes will affect digestion.
If it is not too unpleasant then do not be too concerned.

The intro diet is only a few days and weird shit may happen :ylol2:
There may be a whole lot of bacteria in your intestine that get grumpy because you are not feeding them and they will let you know that they are not happy

Are you vegetarian? Chicken broth may be a good choice if your diet allows it.
SCD isn't perfect and the one thing that most people seem to miss is that foods are reintroduced one at a time to make sure they are not causing problems.
Most people seem to try to replace all the bread and grains with nuts and replace the sugar with honey. This may not work to well.
Aim for a plant rich diet with enough meat to meet dietary needs.
These plant will be easier to digest if well cooked, but only you will know if you can digest what you are eating.
I did find that after a while i reintroduced rice without problems

Free intro guide from SCDlifestyle (a good website foe all things SCD)
When I did the intro diet all I ate was the chicken soup and eggs in various ways for the first phase until the diarrhea subsided, that way I would know if it was working or if the food I was ingesting wasn't doing me any favors. The first phase takes a bit, bit it's worth it :)
Thanks Hugh,

May be 5eggs in a day causing a problem. I have breaking the vicious cycle book and I read through the free intro diet from scd lifestyle.chicken soup no for me.

Today I will reduce the eggs and I planned for
Carrot soup and ripe bananas ( dotted ones) and scd yoghurt.
Tender coconut water I doubt. But it is full of electrolytes. I don't face much problem during last one year.
2nd day review:
Morning started with normal bm. After that watery stools/ diarrhoea started.
Break fast: scd yoghurt, 3 steamed bananas
Bcz of diarrhoea not touched solid food after that. Only carrot soup , butter milk and coconut water.

5 watery bm from morning to evening. Diarrhoea controlled by evening. Fatigue is there.