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Intro, just started Pentasa - sad & flu symptoms?

Hi everyone. My first post!

I'm 28, female, living in Glasgow. In 2008 I had an abscess , after incision and draining a few times that developed into a perianal fistula and had to be operated on twice, and a year and a half to recover. Then in 2014 I had an abscess in my mouth. That tooth was removed. Late 2014 I was concerned about a big spot and requested a colonoscopy because of my family's history of cancer, when the consultant noticed my TI was very narrow, and had inflammation. I have passed blood and have flare-ups every few weeks, mostly hard to pass type stool. I get constipated really bad and as a result I think my mental health suffers. I've had bloods done, and I am low in iron. Just sent off my stool sample and awaiting other blood results via the gastroenterologist. I was formally diagnosed end of 2014, and only started Pentasa a few days ago.

I started on Pentasa 4 days ago and one day after starting I came down with acute flu symptoms, sore throat, coughing, just feel 'out of it'. Yesterday I was really depressed and cried a lot. My bf is great, and understanding. I'm completely exhausted even after two long sleeps. Had to take th day off work today because of my flu symptoms.

Can anyone relate to these symptoms? I'm getting my bloods tested this Friday and should wait a week to see how I get on before exploring other options.

I now weigh 11.5 stone ,th heaviest I've weighed since puberty. I cycle to and from work every day, drink plenty water, but I think I jus 'hold on' to everything. It affects my confidence and I feel less sexy / confident, but everyone I know would tell you otherwise

Thanks for reading, I'm grateful I stumbled upon this forum. And hope to pick il some tips and support from the community.
Hello m86, welcome to the group :)
My son [14 ] has been on Pentasa for almost 6 years and I would say the symptoms that you are experiencing are not from that.
I would think that it is possibly down to the low iron that you say you have. I would speak to the GP or nurse that is taking your blood later this week to try and rule other things out.


Naples, Florida
Welcome to the community. While Pentasa can have side effects, I THINK what you're experiencing is coincidental. However, if you get at all worse, definitely talk to your doctor about it.

With that said, based upon the fact that you have narrowing of your ileum, pentasa alone isn't nearly strong enough of a medication for you :(