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Introduce myself-new to the forum

I thought it would be nice to introduce myself before I start posting/reading, on the forum.
My name is Melanie, I have often browsed crohn's support groups, but only ever joined one other. I have suffered with crohn's for 20 years. I have recently had a colectomy and panproctomy, I can only hope now that I will get a better quality of life than I was having before :) .
I look forward to chatting to new people, helping with other people's question/queries and vice versa :thumright:



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Hi Melanie and welcome.You'll get lots of support and advice from the forum,and some fun too should you want to join in.You'll also help others who have the same problems as you,and are new to all this.Hope you're having a good day today.


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Welcome Melanie. Wow,you have a lot to offer the Forum. I'm glad your willing to chat and share your experiences/knowledge. I feel the Forum is a great resource for finding information and sharing too.