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Introducing Myself

Hello all!

I'm relatively new to Crohn's, but not IBD - although so far I've been pretty fortunate.

It all started (on a dark and stormy night? :smile:) in 2006 when I got UPPP surgery for sleep apnea. Post-op I was on amoxycilin which pushed me to an outbreak of c-diff. During the 2 weeks I spent in the hospital, I was diagnosed with UC and put on Lialda, which controlled it very well. About a year later, my doctor tested and confirmed that I carry the HLA-B27 gene, which can cause IBD and lower back and hip pain and we determined that the c-diff basically triggered the gene and now I have all that.

Fast forward to last year when I had a sudden outbreak of rectal bleeding, severe pain, weakness, and anemia. It took a couple months to get a scope and realize that I actually had Crohn's. I was given Prednisone that day, and my symptoms subsided immediately and then was put on Humira for long-term control. Everything was great until the last couple weeks. I think I'm headed into another flare, which is what brought me here! :thumleft:

As far as the rest of my life: I'm a web application programmer by day and roller derby referee by night. My username is also my derby name.