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Hey everyone,

I was diagnosed with Chrons 2 years ago. My dad had Chrons and after a long time after developing symptoms, I was advised to push the doctors to be examined. At the time I was doing my degree and thought that some of the symptoms I was encountering might be due to stress.

Anyway, I went private to get my colonoscopy and that was when I was diagnosed.

How did everyone else find out when they had Chrons?

Looking forward to talking with you all.
Hey guys, just an update on this -

The reason I went private for my colonoscopy procedure was due to the fact I would be seen a lot quicker compared to the NHS. I just wanted peace of mind that everything was functioning ok.

Did everyone else go under NHS?
Hi Jessica, welcome to the forum. How we found out that my son had Crohn's ... I will list it.

- During his early teens, he didn't have an appetite like other boys
- During his mid to late teens, he started developing a waddle to his walk
- His mobility became worse and we were sent to a neurologist, but it wasn't a neurological problem
- Eventually, he couldn't walk, called the ambulance, hospital did exrays and we were adivsed he had arthritis in both hips (age 19)
- Sent to Rheumatologist who sent him to GI Specialist. He wasn't exhibiting big symptoms of Crohn's but she had a hunch - at this time, he was underweight, and was going to washroom about 5 x a day
- Colonoscopy - Crohn's diagnosed. The rheumatologit believes his arthritis develops due to Crohn's. This was 2 years ago.He is now on Remicade which helps the arthritis and Crohn's and is doing very well - just finished university.

How are you doing?
Hi Jo-mom,

Very interesting on your son's diagnosis. Especially arthritis at a young age. It can be a crazy process to receive a diagnosis.

I am doing ok, just started my graduate job post-uni and been particularly conscious of my diet throughout the pandemic. I think this time has actually helped me keep on top of things and be conscious of what I am eating.

Hope you are all well!