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Inulin, Glucosamin and other supplements

Hi all.
I just listened to a talk from a berkeley conference panel on antibiotic therapy as utilized in gastroenterology/ where one doctor (Dr. Borody) recommended some supplements which may feed some beneficial bacteria that in turn help mucosal healing.

Starting around 5:30 minutes into the video he mentions some kind of inulin and baneficial bacterium.
I have trouble understanding some of the words he says :) will someone with better ears help me out:
- what is the name pf the beneficial bacterium? Sounds to me like “fickli bacterium graw snitsi” but that is gibberish ;)
- what type of inulin is mentioned? Sounds like “apopicting” inulin, which again is gibberish.
- next he mentiones NAG which he also calls “N-acetylglucosamine”

Help deciphering this would be appriciated ;)


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I had a listen to this and I'm able to help with some of it.

The inulin isn't a 'type' of inulin, rather, it's a list of supplements believed to assist in the growth of bacteria: he said "apple pectin, inulin and NAG" :). These are listed in tandem here https://centrefordigestivediseases.com/the-cdd-donor-diet/. I googled the three together after hearing it because I wasn't sure of what I was hearing, but now I'm sure that that's what was said.

The beneficial bacterium I wasn't able to identify, except that I caught "supplements that grow your faecal bacterium" and then the gibberish-sounding part. You could write to HumanPara and ask if they could maybe upload a transcript? Then you'd know for certain! Anyway, hope I could help a little :)
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I didn't listen to the tape, but based on your phonetic guessing I bet the bacterium he was talking about is Faecalibacterium prausnitzii.


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How fascinating! Thanks, Scipio. I'd never heard of this bacterium before and now I have some reading to do :)