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Iodene irrigation for anal fistula


I have been diagnosed with a high perianal fistula.

I am considering irrigating my anus with Savlon iodene spray twice a day to see what happens. I fear this might lead to formation of granulation tissue withni the fistula.

Any words of wisdom?

What I would try is an old treatment that is not used much any more, but it is safe, and could be effective for this type of condition.

It works in a similar manner as a hyperbaric chamber, but is cheaper. The problem is not many doctors use it any longer.

UBI or photoluminescence therapy is not a household word any longer but one of its benefits is it helps non healing wounds to heal.

I do not know if it is done in the UK, but it is in Germany and Russia. It is done in the U.S. but not by many doctors.


I use an even older-fashioned treatment than Dan's suggestion. I used to be plagued by perianal (and vaginal) fistulas, and each time, I would hot compress the area three to four times a day, each time for about 10 minutes. All I would do is get a piece of flannel (a facecloth would do just as well) and a bowl of really really hot water and use the hot flannel cloth to press against the fistula. I would also call my GI and go on a 14 day cycle of antibiotics. These two things would basically fix my fistula right up (until the next one, of course). A sitz bath might also provide some relief.