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Iron and low dose naltrexone

My son has not been feeling well and he said he thought it could be the iron. He had just change the iron formulation to get more. When I asked him when he was taking it, he told me at night with the ldn. Well over the past two days, he stopped the iron and ....vivid dreams... so I was wondering if iron inhibits LDN absorption. He's going to take iron at another time of day, and we'll see what happens.
I have no idea but please let us know what happens, Jack is not currently taking an iron supplement but has in the past it would be good to know if he shouldn't take at the same time as his LDN
This is why I will be glad when ldn becomes more widely used and studied. Those of us that are using it are having to discover all these things on our own. Thankfully we have each other. I often wonder when people aren't getting good results with ldn whether it could be some other thing they are doing that they don't even realize. I think it's totally possible that iron could affect ldn absorption. Iron has a weird interaction with the gut all on it's own. Good idea to take it at another time.


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I took iron.. but early in the day... and it never affected my LDN.. but it sure did a number on my stomach. Like Mike Tyson was using it as a speed bag. I knew a lady who went on iron pills.. developed ulcers from same.. and came close to bleeding to death. Iron is one of those supplements you really have to be cautious with. can't pop em willy nilly
For anyone coming to read this thread, consider: Iron is an important cofactor, required for the synthesis of dopamine. If your body doesn't have the chemicals to produce dopamine, I'd imagine LDN may not do much for you.