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Irritated Eyes?

Lately my eyes are becoming irritated, and not just when I look in the mirror.
I've read that eye problems can be a result of Crohns. Is it a common comorbidity?
They always seem puffy and itchy all the time. Maybe it's just age, I dunno.


Could be allergies too...but yes, eye problems have been associated with Crohn's. Mine manifested itself in the form of sty's....and eye infections. Haven't had any problems with my eyes since diagnosis though; maybe all the meds kept it at bay, not sure!

Sorry this wasn't more helpful....good luck!
I'd go with allergies too. Just make sure you tell your optician you have crohn's though. Mine always makes sure to look for signs that my crohn's is having an effect on them.
I get recurrent episcleritis in my left eye because of the crohn's...but that doesn't feel itchy or puffy. It feels more like there are lttle bits of pencil sharpenings in my eye. The white of my eye goes very red & bright light hurts.


oooooooooooooooooo Phart
didn't know THAT! about the Preds
my eyes are sore, woke up this morning, all sticky and yellow
yesterday they wouldn't stop watering, and the other day they were really gozzy
like me glasses needed polishing!
Need to get to SpecSavers
I have had almost constant problems with my eyes for years. Blurred vision, itching, irritation, uveitis, floaters, eye pain, sensitivity to light, infections and also
several episodes of severe conjuctivitis that caused my eyes to swell shut for several days. Most worrying of all, after a week of pain, a small tear in the retina of one eye. I was referred as an emergency to an opthalmologist who said he knew of no connection at all between Crohn's and eye problems!! He had no suggestions as to how I might manage the problem, so I had to work it out myself, and now always keep an unopened bottle of antibac eye drops ready in the refrigerator for emergencies, plus bathe my eyes daily with saline solution.
Antihistamines are useful if eyes are itchy.

Drinking lots and lots of water every day (2 liters) also seems to help quite a lot, as I guess it keeps everything in the body including eyes lubricated.