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Is Alpha probiotic good for crohns?


I am planning to start alpha proboitics for my crohn's. Any one using any thought on this specific proboitic? I feel it is expensive. Thanks
There is no evidence that probiotics are useful in the management of crohn's disease and there is a potential risk that they could exacerbate crohn's disease.
My son was using really good quality probiotics and it didn't seem to make a difference for him. You will find mixed feelings on this topic and some people probiotics have helped.

my little penguin

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Ds was on prescription probiotics when we started with crohns dx around age 7 or 8
It didn’t seem to do anything
So we stopped
A few years later
When nothing seemed to be helping
Gi added again as again
The same prescription brand etc... except the original owner of Vsl switched back to the original formula and called it visobiome
And it works like a charm
I will say though all the studies stated it doesn’t work for crohns but helps UC
Ds uses it to help rectal/sigmoid areas which is similar to UC