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Is alpine tea (senna tea) ok to use?

Is it OK to drink senna/alpine tea to help relieve constipation from medication when you have ibd? I'm talking a cup every few days
I don't know if it has caffeine in it but for me personally if I have anything with caffeine in it then it is a trigger for my Crohns Disease. Everyone is different though.

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I too would make sure it doesn't have caffeine. Anything with caffeine puts me into a flare immediately. Needless to say, no caffeine and no ibuprofen at least for me.
No caffeine, it's a herbal tea. I still drink normal tea end coffee but haven't noticed any symptoms coming back yet. Though it's only been a week lol
Hey Skittle.
I tried a tea that my friend described as "poo tea" which I found out was senna based. After about 10 hours it went through me like bowel prep. Certainly felt cleaned out and was "going clear" by the end of it.
If it works, do it. So much trial and error with all this, isn't there? Exhausting!
Senna contains chemicals called sennosides, which irritate the lining of the bowel, causing the laxative effect. This might not be the best for anyone with IBD to use on a regular basis.
That's what I was wondering Susan! I ended up emailing the IBD nurse and asking her and she said it was fine. I think I might just have a cup every now and then when I feel I need it lol, as opposed to a regular thing!